Four Tips on How to Inspire your Team to Achieve Amazing Results

Four Tips on How to Inspire your Team to Achieve Amazing Results


Set Clear Expectations & Goals

So many businesses try to prioritize too much and do not have clarity of their front-line team members on what the expectation is. You must set clear goals for your team in order to clearly define the path for growth and success. It is very common in most retail or sales positions for these goals to be clear, however in the restaurant, café and bar businesses it can be undefined or unclear.

Not every employee is a natural-born salesperson. Helping them create their own goals, that align with the businesses key priorities will drive results and success.  Ideally you as the leader want to set realistic but stretch goals that encourage effort.  Once your team member or team achieves a goal, offer up a bonus or incentive to drive sustainment of these results.  You can give away free meals, gift certificates or merchandise – but remember cash is king here!

Trust Your Team

No one likes to be micro-managed by a boss that does not trust them.  Team members quickly lose their motivation when a leader is questioning everything they do.  If you want to motivate your team – set them free!  Give them the freedom to complete their tasks how and when they think is best.

Freedom does not mean that you should not train your team or set a clear direction. It is actually the opposite, clear is kind! Once they are trained let them complete the tasks how and when they want to within the parameters set by the position. Trusting them is the key to unlocking their potential and seeing what is possible. With regular check-ins and status updates you can course-correct and provide feedback on successes and opportunities.

Offer Advancement Opportunities

If you want your team members to be inspired to work hard each and every day, you need to make it clear and obvious that there is a bright future for them for growth within your business. Hostesses should know that it is possible to be a server or bartender one day and baristas can develop towards supervisors.

Similarly, you will want to make it clear to your supervisors and management team that there is advancement opportunities into upper and lateral roles. These are your most experienced and trusted employees. Remember, great leaders are hard to find and your competitors will be inclined to offer them this advancement if you do not. Losing leadership is not only costly but will set your business and results back.

Consistently Make Company Culture a Priority

Culture is hard to define and hard to fix, when broken. But if and when you get it right, it can reap amazing benefits for your team members, customers and your business. Consistently and intentionally focusing on having a vibrant company culture must remain a top priority if you want long-term success. Naturally, hospitality businesses have transient staff that turnover regularly. This makes having an excellent culture, even more important. Creating regular meetups for your team can be a great way to build this bond and have your culture thriving. Also, having amazing leadership that focuses daily on the three priorities above, will support a great culture for them and for your team. The more they enjoy their work, the longer your team will stay and the harder they will work.

This article goes through 4 ways to achieve results through inspiring your team to success. Pinnacle Hospitality Consulting can help support you in all functions of your operations, including developing leaders that inspire, as well as creating high-performance engaged teams.

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