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Hands-on Approach

Pinnacle Hospitality Consulting is led by CEO Morgan Ayres with over 25 years of customer service experience.  Our passion is helping business owners achieve success through a great customer experience and operational excellence.  We will support your leaders, team and business to move to the next level.  Our personal and detailed approach will help identify opportunities and create strategic plans to improve your business now, and in the future.  We will work with your entire team, shoulder-to-shoulder, to develop and increase their capability and capacity.  We are one of the only consulting companies that create sustainable and strategic action plans for your business and provide full support with execution.  We start by assessing your business’ revenue and cash flow.  We audit your expenses and waste for quick wins and cost-savings.  We then assess the customer and team member experience and provide a step-by-step action plan to improve and elevate.  We use this data to build a comprehensive strategy on what problems to solve first, from the foundation up.  This plan we then execute with you and your leaders to elevate your team and improve the customer experience in a profitable and sustainable way.  We assess the full operations of your business seeking out inefficiencies.  We then create a unique, focused and intentional plan to elevate your business to thrive in all areas.  We help streamline processes to deliver on your key performance indicators, putting standards and routines in place.  We work with your leaders to minimize waste and build operating procedures, standardizing routines that are sustainable; all customized to your industry, aligned with your brand, mission, values and competitive advantage.

We will ask the right questions to uncover the root cause and barriers to success.  We then create realistic action plans with attainable results. Rather than just deliver our findings and recommendations to you in a report, our consultants actively assist with implementation; while coaching, training, and supporting you and your leaders. Every client has their own mix of brands, locations, and requirements, so we offer tailored solutions.  Our performance improvement recommendations are mindful of your service offerings, culture and target customer.  Changes are carefully developed and implemented alongside your local leaders, in order to create the ownership necessary for continued improvement.  We will support change management and help move your team forward.  We will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be in a sustainable and profitable way! 

We offer a variety of options to support you and your business and partner with us.  We can provide hourly packages, or project-based options that suit your needs and how quickly you want to move.  From Business Plans, to silent shopper programs, we do it all – for hotels, restaurants, cafes, retail operations, service-based businesses and more!


Leverage our teams extensive industry knowledge and experience of over 15 years in two of the most successful restaurant chains in Canada; Cactus Club Restaurants & Keg Restaurants Ltd.  We have worked in and led all employee functions within restaurants and cafes and can support you to bring your passion and dreams to life.  We work shoulder to shoulder with you and/or your managers to build a high-performance team.  Whether opening your first location, or expanding into multiple units – we will partner with you to achieve your goals!  We create sustainable and intentional plans that will optimize your business for long-term success, making you more money and saving you time and effort!


We are coffee masters with over 10 years of experience leading teams of over 200 employees.  With our network and experience working with Starbucks Coffee Canada, the Pinnacle team can elevate your customer connections and coffee quality.  We will partner with y0ur team to improve service standards and increase average customer spend.  We will support you in coaching and leading your team to drive profitability and increase your loyal customer base. By standardizing routines, creating efficient processes and procedures we will be able to save you thousands in lost productivity.  We will implement innovative strategies to increase employee engagement that will in turn improve culture, and decrease turnover.

Consumer Products & Grocery

We will assist your company present products that not only elevate your brand, but sell!  Combined with our extensive knowledge and selling skills training, we will increase your revenue.  Our customer-service driven approach will elevate your customer experience to have your clients purchasing more and visiting more frequently.

Retail & Customer Service Businesses - Including Breweries, Distilleries and Tasting rooms

Regardless of what you sell, it all begins and ends with a great customer experience and smart merchandising techniques.  Whatever your competitive advantage we will help elevate your customers’ experience while driving down waste, and maximizing revenue.

Mystery Shopper Program

The mystery shopper program is a secret and anonymous audit of all of your operations.  We will fully assess all dayparts within your business and create a detailed analysis for you and your team with targeted actions to take to close any gaps.  Including but not limited to: Customer service audits, standard audits, selling skills audits, service gap audits, wait time audits, and assessing your team’s knowledge gaps.  We will provide a full efficiency report of all standards and procedures and work with your team to improve and grow!

Weekly Virtual Consulting sessions

Call us today to start your virtual consulting with an operations expert!  Have a problem to solve?  Leverage our industry experience and expertise with weekly or monthly coaching sessions.  Our support plans are customizable and catered to your budget and needs.  Call one of our experts today to schedule your free consultation to asses how we can help!

Digital Marketing Support

Looking for support to build your local followers through digital marketing on Facebook and/or Instagram?  Engage with our team of industry experts for support and ask us about our success in this space to support and build your brand!

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Want an audit on your customer experience?  Hire us today for our secret shopper program!