– All plans can be done with you, or done for you and are fully customizable to meet your needs!  We offer a free consultation to learn more and then provide a detailed, custom proposal for your approval – based on your budget.

Recruiting & Sourcing Top Talent – Hiring support

Recruiting support for small businesses across Canada

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Strategic Planning & Pre-Opening Support

We create customized strategies to support your new business.  Specializing in bakery, restaurant, cafe and retail operations in the lower mainland we have a proven strategy to build sustainable operational systems and procedures to capture immediate profit within your business model.  We create, provide, train and help implement tools for owners, managers and team members

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Business Plans & Feasibility Studies

Our detailed feasibility studies tie into a detailed and comprehensive business plan.  Let us partner with you and your team and help build this plan and vet your business against the competition.  The majority of new restaurants and cafes opened by first-time operators unfortunately fail within the first year.  Even established chain businesses sometimes open new locations that fail.

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Inventory Management & Food Costing Support

Team members not able to complete all tasks? Inconsistencies in customer service experience or recipes? Call us today! We will work with your team to build action plans to improve efficiency. We will create leadership training specific to your operational gaps and business – designing plans that inspire continuous improvement and elevate your brand, creating alignment throughout all of your leaders, team members and dayparts.

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Creating a High-Performance Team and Reducing Turnover

Looking for support with reducing turnover and increasing employee engagement and retention? Need support with training and development of your team? Want support with elevating your customer experience while maximizing your average customer spend? Schedule a free call with one of our hiring and training experts!

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Improving Community Engagement & Social Responsibility

Want to connect with your community more and be more socially responsible? We work with our clients to create a targeted plan to drive revenue through community engagement and being environmentally friendly. We combine industry knowledge and create a detailed assessment unique to your industry, target customer and community. We help you and your team build genuine connections. Call now for a FREE initial consult for your brand and for any budget!

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Increasing Business Acumen and Problem Solving Skills

Not sure why your business isn’t profitable? Call us for a free business analysis and consultation! We will analyze your business and operations to drive revenue and increase profits, while minimizing waste and losses! Have another problem you need an expert opinion and perspective to solve – call us and set up weekly coaching sessions today!

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Vendor Management and Supplier Negotiations

Always running out of your customers favorite products? Experience high cost of goods sold, waste and shrink? Can’t keep up with demand? Need a customized system to create accurate par levels and forecasting? Call one of our experts today to optimize your merchandise and inventory systems to ensure success.

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