We provide tailored plans and proposals to match your needs, whether you want full support or a strategy to implement with your team. Customize our plans to fit your requirements seamlessly. Get started with a free consultation to discuss your goals. Afterward, we’ll create a personalized proposal within your budget for your approval. Your customized solution is ready – let’s turn your vision into reality!

Staff Training & Development

Elevate your team with Pinnacle Hospitality Consulting, renowned for refining standards and instilling a culture of excellence. From revenue-driven upselling to service excellence, Pinnacle empowers your team with tailored training, setting your brand apart in a competitive market.

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Recruiting & Sourcing Top Talent – Hiring support

Pinnacle Consulting, with over two decades of expertise, excels in establishing lasting connections in hospitality recruitment across BC & Alberta. Their unique approach prioritizes long-term relationships, redefining hiring standards in bakery, restaurant, cafe, and retail sectors while providing affordable collaborative support.

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Strategic Planning & Pre-Opening Support

Unlock the key to hospitality success with our tailored strategies for bakery, restaurant, cafe, and retail operations across Canada. From creating essential tools to hands-on training, we guide you every step of the way, empowering your venture for long-term growth.

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Feasibility Studies & Business Plans

Our detailed feasibility studies tie into a detailed and comprehensive business plan.  Let us partner with you and your team and help build this plan and vet your business against the competition.  The majority of new restaurants and cafes opened by first-time operators unfortunately fail within the first year.  Even established chain businesses sometimes open new locations that fail.

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Inventory Management & Food Costing Support

Team members not able to complete all tasks? Inconsistencies in customer service experience or recipes? Call us today! We will work with your team to build action plans to improve efficiency. We will create leadership training specific to your operational gaps and business – designing plans that inspire continuous improvement and elevate your brand, creating alignment throughout all of your leaders, team members and dayparts.

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Creating a High-Performance Team and Reducing Turnover

Looking for support with reducing turnover and increasing employee engagement and retention? Need support with training and development of your team? Want support with elevating your customer experience while maximizing your average customer spend? Schedule a free call with one of our hiring and training experts!

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Menu Development, Pricing & Optimization Services

Pinnacle Hospitality Consulting offers nearly 30 years of expertise in menu pricing and development, ensuring profitable, tantalizing dishes while aligning with your brand for long-term success.

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Leadership Training, Coaching & Development

Explore our specialized Consulting Services for Leadership Training, Coaching & Development. Our experienced consultants collaborate closely with you to pinpoint areas for improvement and devise tailored strategies. Together, we’ll empower your team to achieve lasting success through effective leadership.

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Vendor Management and Supplier Negotiations

Always running out of your customers favorite products? Experience high cost of goods sold, waste and shrink? Can’t keep up with demand? Need a customized system to create accurate par levels and forecasting? Call one of our experts today to optimize your merchandise and inventory systems to ensure success.

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