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Save Time & Money

Achieve work-life balance and operational efficiency by partnering with our team of hospitality experts. We offer hands-on support to establish standard operating procedures, streamline processes, and enhance team performance. Let us help bring your vision to fruition with clear, executable plans and accountable, high-performing teams.

Increase Revenue

Enhance profitability with our tailored training programs. Our offerings include unique selling skills training, world-class customer service training, and efficiency audits. We’ll swiftly assess your operations and deliver a precise action plan for improved excellence and consistency. Our hands-on support guarantees increased customer visits, a more engaged and efficient team, and higher customer spending frequency at your establishment.

Reduce Staff Turnover

We use our expertise to reduce turnover and enhance retention. Our customized plans focus on fostering a strong company culture and high-performance teams. We offer hands-on support, including forecasting, leadership coaching, and effective recognition programs. We excel at resolving staffing and turnover challenges through industry-leading recruiting and coaching.

Leverage our Expertise

With 25+ years of customer service and 20+ years in leadership, we excel at elevating your business for sustainable growth. Partner with industry professionals to create scalable, long-term plans. Leverage our network, expertise, and knowledge for immediate and lasting results, from enhancing brand reputation and customer experience to fostering employee satisfaction and a stronger company culture. We’re your go-to solution for retail and hospitality needs.

Ways in which we partner with you and your team to grow your business:

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Create loyal, life-long customers

  • Full hands-on support for pre-opening, launch, post-opening, and/or turnarounds
  • Training programs to elevate your teams customer service
  • Custom Training packages created with Customer-Service non-negotiables and standard guest-experience times
  • Leadership coaching and development through diversity, inclusion, passion, accountability and engagement
  • Community and Customer-relationship Building customer plans created and implemented
  • Customer service silent shoppers and mystery audits (phone, online and in-person for all day parts)
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Build a high-performance, engaged team

  • Customized Employee recognition programs
  • Standardized and unique training programs created to build your teams capability
  • Improved efficiency with standard operating procedures for all team members and functions in your business
  • Efficiency audits to maximize capacity of your team
  • Recipe adherence audits and portion-control
  • Action plans created for reducing turnover and improving employee engagement
  • Happier employees, decreased turnover
  • Increased team engagement with each other and leadership
  • Improved retention of key team members
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Improve Efficiency and Operational Excellence

  • Customize SOPs and policies to fit your business, culture, and team.
  • Build comprehensive orientation and training materials, including job descriptions and performance expectations.
  • Standardize routines, systems, and processes for operational efficiency.
  • Conduct a thorough top-to-bottom review of operations and make necessary adjustments.
  • Enhance profitability by optimizing inventory management systems.
  • Optimize supplier negotiations for cost reduction and streamline product deliveries.
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Cafés & Coffee/Tea Shops

We are coffee masters! We are seasoned coffee experts with a track record of supporting over 18 local cafés in their successful growth and expansion over the past four years. Our CEO and founder, Morgan Ayres, brings over a decade of highly successful experience as a District Manager at Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain. Leveraging our extensive knowledge, vast network, and expertise, we offer innovative strategies to empower local businesses for success, whether they are starting, scaling, or seeking stability. 

Breweries & Wineries

We are passionate about Craft Beer & BC Wine!  We are level 2 certified Sommeliers and can help create addictive menus and features to grow your sales and revenue.  We can build your team of sales professionals, help increase knowledge and build training programs to increase profits.  We will help elevate and optimize your menu, happy hours and features – creating a year long strategy.  Leverage our Pinnacle Teams’ expertise and over 20 years experience in managing the LWB programs at two of the top restaurants in Vancouver; The Keg Steakhouse & Bar and Cactus Club Restaurant.  

Retail & Grocery Stores

We are customer service experts!  We will bring our over 25 years experience in customer service and retail to support and elevate your brand and team.  We will complete a full vendor audit and provide recommendations for suppliers and pricing.  We specialize in operational excellence and will create a strategic plan to grow your sales, revenue and profits!  Combined with proven merchandising and selling techniques we will increase your revenue and create a world-class customer experience for your customers.

Restaurants & Bars

We LOVE the food and beverage industry!  We will bring over 16 years experience in two of the most successful restaurant chains in Vancouver; The Keg Steakhouse & Bar and Cactus Club Restaurants.  We will bring our passion for customer service, food, and wine to your business along with high-standards and expertise.  Our consultants have extensive knowledge in retail operations that will support your team and develop their capabilities to lead and inspire; maximizing profits and driving results.  


RECRUITING SERVICES – We can help ANY INDUSTRY find top talent with our proven, innovative strategies!  We are experts at building high performance teams, reducing turnover and improving company culture.  We offer full support with recruiting, interviewing, providing background checks and assessing talent for your organization. We partner with you and your team to find the best talent and help you with each step along the way and offer these services ACROSS CANADA!

MYSTERY SHOPPER PROGRAMS – We help your team achieve Operational Excellence!  Our team has over 10 years experience with some of the best restaurants in BC! Together, we have completed over 250 successful mystery shops.  We will work with your team to audit theft, customer service, cleanliness, wait times and much more!  We perform a full operational standards audit, efficiency audit and cleanliness audit for all day-parts of your business operations, to help you uncover gaps in execution.  Every audit comes with an over 100 point checklist and will be reviewed with you to help problem solve and build a strategy for improvement!

DIGITAL MARKETING SUPPORT – We can help ANY INDUSTRY build their social media following and translate followers into more business! Our proven track record of building businesses through strategic posting on Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business will not only grow your followers, but increase your clients!  Let us optimize your marketing with a proven strategy to drive more sales of your services or to your business! 

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