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Company overview

Pinnacle Hospitality Consulting specializes in hands-on operations support for hospitality, retail and service-based businesses. We produce strong action plans that get results!  Owners, management companies, brands and leaders turn to us to help improve operating performance while enhancing the guest and team member experience.  We’re creative, innovative operations experts that are extremely passionate about the hospitality industry and help you and your team produce financial results that last.  We are experts at developing systems and processes while working alongside your team to implement changes that ensure sustained results.  We partner with you and your leadership team building sustainable and repeatable routines to ensure operational excellence, and creating lifelong, loyal connections.  With over 25 years of customer service experience we bring the expertise and proven track record of winning ideas to your business to create long term success.

Whether you are struggling in your business, starting a new business or looking to expand our team of experts can help! We bring your vision and dreams to life!  Let’s prepare your business for growth; maximizing revenues, increasing profits and the value of your brand.

Pinnacle Hospitality Consulting is one of the only consulting companies that offers FULL operational support for you, your leaders, your team and ultimately your customer!  We are execution-focused, results-driven and will partner with you to create and implement plans for long-term success!

Our mission

Our renowned consulting will allow you and your team to:

  • Increase profits and minimize waste
  • Work fewer hours — and find work/life balance
  • Reduce employee and leadership turnover
  • Increase employee loyalty and retention
  • Establish standardized systems and routines to increase productivity
  • Build genuine, long-lasting relationships with loyal customers
  • Manage your schedules to improve efficiency
  • Improve efficiency and capability of your team
  • Develop your leadership team to coach and lead more effectively
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality- provide a full vendor audit
  • Standardize operations and routines to make them more efficient, automated, sustainable and repeatable!

how can we help you?

Want an audit on your customer experience?  Hire us today for our secret shopper program!