7 Innovative Ways to Prepare your Café or Restaurant for Back to School Season – 2023 Edition!

As schools prepare to reopen after a challenging year, it’s time for restaurant and café owners to start thinking about back-to-school promotions that can help boost their business. With many families, teachers, and students feeling anxious about the new normal, it’s important to offer innovative specials and features that make dining out a stress-free experience. Here are some ideas to support your back-to-school and fall plans and maximize revenue in your business.

  1. Quick Takeout Meals for Busy Families Offering families a quick takeout meal option can be a great way to cut out the stress of dining-in, especially for families with younger children. This small step can make your restaurant an option for families on those busy days of running from school to activities and trying to cram dinner somewhere in-between.
  2. Parent’s Day Out Specials When thinking of back-to-school promotions, it’s important to focus on parents. One way to reach out to parents is by offering Parent’s Day Out lunch specials. Market it as an opportunity for them to enjoy quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of family life.
  3. Buy One, Get One Parent Drinks or Meals Another great way to market to parents is with buy-one-get-one parent drinks or meals. Perfect for any date night, even a coffee date, this deal will encourage parents to call up their babysitter and spend some time out taking advantage of your restaurant’s back-to-school promotion. Consider adding romantic desserts or other special touches to make the experience even more memorable.
  4. Social Media Marketing for Students Utilizing social media is a great way to reach out to students, especially millennials. Posting pictures of your food and specials on social media can be a highly effective marketing strategy that doesn’t cost anything unless you decide to boost your posts.
  5. Lunch Combos for College Students Don’t forget about college students when planning your back-to-school promotions. While some students have meal plans, many are looking for affordable and convenient options outside of their campus dining halls. Offering lunch combos is a great way to attract college students, who are often stressed and short on time between classes.
  6. Teacher Specials Teachers play a critical role in shaping the minds of our future generations, and it’s important to show them some love during back-to-school season. Consider running promotions like a free dessert or drink with a valid teacher ID, or offering a discount on their meals. You can also consider sponsoring school events or providing free refreshments for teacher meetings to help get your name out to the local community.

By offering these and other back-to-school promotions, you can demonstrate your commitment to your customers’ needs and stand out from your competitors. Remember, the key to success is to choose promotions that align with your business goals and values and to run them effectively to maximize your ROI.  Looking for support with ways to drive your profits strategically throughout the year?  Email us to schedule your free consultation with one of our experts!  Check out our services at HospitalityConsulting.co!

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