STORE REOPENING CHECKLIST – To re-open with excellence after closure due to covid-19/coronavirus

After a temporary or prolonged closure, there is a lot to do to get your retail or hospitality business up and running.  Even if only a partial closure (for in-store dining) getting ready to welcome your customers back now will help position you to hit the ground running once back to full operation.  This article reveals part #2 of the store re-opening checklists -to make sure you open with Excellence!


  • Check all light fixtures and breakers to ensure they are working
  • Organize and put away any stock received while store was closed, validate receipts match product received
  • Clean out air vents and replace filters as necessary.
  • Ensure HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems are operating properly.
  • Check inside and outside for pest activity – Engage with pest elimination company if needed and if on current contract for support
  • Ready backdoors/loading areas to receive deliveries


  • Check surveillance cameras and ensure they are working and positioned correctly for safety and security
  • Review loss prevention and security policies with all team members especially new employees
  • Verify all locks are in good repair
  • Ensure alarm systems are working and all alarm codes are updated
  • Educate employees on any new handwashing, sanitization, health and safety policies (put timers in place to ensure regularly adherence to standards)
  • Ensure all handwashing stations are stocked, with proper signage and clear for easy access


  • Log on to all Point of Sale systems and ensure everything is working and connected
  • Ensure mobile order apps and delivery apps are working and connected
  • Credit card machines and debit terminals are working, safe and secure – ready to process transactions
  • Verify closing cash count, float balanced and cash drawers balanced and reconciled
  • Ensure POS is clean, sanitized, and free from personal effects
  • Set up regular sanitation schedule for all units and surfaces for employees and customers


  • Clean and sanitize everything including floors, handles, fixtures, walls, mirrors, ledges, vents etc..
  • Set detailed cleaning schedule and expecdtations for team members to clean regularly with timer
  • Ensure sinks and all plumbing is working correctly and no leaks
  • All lights are turned on and working with no burnt-out bulbs.
  • Clean and sanitize employee bathrooms including all surfaces (counters, sinks, toilets, floors, handles and doors)
  • Restock employee bathroom supplies: soap, sanitizer, clean towels, toilet paper.
  • Restock customer bathroom supplies: soap, sanitizer, clean towels, toilet paper.


  • Perform a final walk-through of back rooms, washrooms, sales floor and POS stations for organization and cleanliness – note any final items needing attention and assign to team member
  • Ensure all stations are stocked and ready to serve customers
  • Complete a pre-shift connect with each team member to ensure they are knowledgeable about specials, menu updates, out of stock items
  • Turn on all lights and equipment – ensure everything is in working order and ready to serve your products
  • Place NOW OPEN signage outside and/or on and place all sandwich boards in visible locations for customers
  • Update and engage with customers on social media and website that you are ready to connect and serve them in whichever way they feel comfortable


Now, more than ever, is the time to create some great connections with your team, your community and your Customers.  Stay engaged with customers and your team regularly in person or through social channels.  While you are busy with re-opening activities, do not forget your online presence.


Communication and consistency is key here, and being able to have your team adjust as needed to meet customer demand.  The checklist above will keep your team aligned and focused on taking care of your customer and the business.  Inform your customers about your new hours, schedule and re-opening dates and times as soon as possible.  Now it is time to execute and create lasting memories and connections.  If you or your team need assistance with re-opening and/or getting prepared to re-open call us today for an initial free consultation and assessment where our experts can support your business opening with excellence.  People, Profits, Passion – contact Pinnacle Hospitality Consulting for support today at:


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