What is the key to success in hospitality? CONSISTENCY!

What is the key to success in hospitality? – CONSISTENCY!
Be consistent in what you do, and do it well!
Here are some tips and tricks that you MUST execute on, in your business to be successful and have customers become raving fans!
 WHY? CONSISTENCY creates a sense of certainty in an uncertain world
Your team must:
• Always make customers the top priority
• Be relentlessly focused on the customer
• Be present and attentive to customers needs
• Make it easy to be a customer
• Ensure the customer leaves with everything they need for the day
• Ensure our actions reflect that people are more important than tasks

Want to have an expert audit your business for consistency?  Or want help to improve the consistency in your business?  WE CAN HELP!  We have helped over 40 businesses in the past 3 years become more consistent in their operations and service in Vancouver.


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