Winning Back and Attracting More Customers After the Pandemic!

Bring more visitors to your business and

re-open with Excellence after COVID-19!

Increase your revenue and profits

Create a unique package

The key to attracting more customers during a downturn or recession is the ability to meet your customer where they are at and to be creative and repackage yourself – create a new product.  A new product or offering helps you keep in touch with your customer and offer something new and exciting during a tough time.  When priced right you meet the budgets of your customer while providing them something to talk about.

Reach out to loyal customers with blog posts

Just like this post, stay connected with compelling articles and blogs that engage your target and loyal customers.  Make sure your website has plenty of calls-to-action for people to stay in touch with you by subscribing to an email list.  On your web page have offers that they can redeem for staying a loyal customer of yours, off-season or not.  Remember, growing this list is so much easier when you have plenty of traffic, so while it may seem daunting to add an extra to-do list item to your ever-expanding, your off-season success hinges on your efficiency and organization during this time.  Attracting your super-regulars and loyal local buyers to your business all-year-long can help during those slow times or recession.

Generate Off-Season Buzz

Seasonal businesses can be tough, as well as market down-turns and recessions they challenge small retailers to turn a profit.  You must adapt quickly and get people excited about your business, regardless of the season.  Think about your target customer and how you can market an early-bird offer to your busy season.  Build your advertising and marketing content around the excitement of things to come.  By offering off-season discounts, early bird offers or ‘get-it-before-it’s-too-late’ promotions – you can create a huge hype, excitement and sales! 

Entice with freebies and/or refreshments

If you are a retail non-food service location, an offer of free coffee, tea, or hot chocolate on a cold, wet day, can entice frozen shoppers to drop by and warm up.

If you are a restaurant or cafe – offer a larger size of hot or iced drinks for the same prices as small drinks, or complimentary coffee/tea with your meal purchase.  The cost is low and this can mean the difference of customers warming up with you or the competition.  Generally these items have high profit, and low cost to serve.  

Have these items ready – and do not run out!  Promote this on Facebook, Instagram and other social channels to offer a great incentive to visit after the pandemic.


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