Why Your Hospitality Business MUST Have Excellent SOP’s and How to Create Them!

Standard Operating Procedures are the key to any business, especially in hospitality.  Here are the ‘must-have’ SOP’S for hospitality businesses.

  1. Food Safety and Handling:
    • Food storage and rotation
    • Safe food preparation and handling
    • Preventing cross-contamination
    • Temperature control
    • Allergen awareness and accommodation
  2. Health and Safety Protocols:
    • Employee health guidelines
    • Fire safety and emergency response
    • Cleaning and sanitization procedures
    • Pest control measures
  3. Customer Service Standards:
    • Greeting, seating, and order taking
    • Table service etiquette
    • Handling customer complaints
    • Payment processing procedures
  4. Kitchen and Cooking Procedures:
    • Recipe and portion control standards
    • Cooking instructions
    • Food presentation guidelines
    • Equipment maintenance and inventory management
  5. Employee Training and Development:
    • Onboarding and job-specific training
    • Ongoing education and performance evaluation
    • Effective communication among staff
    • Professional conduct and adherence to policies

Without them it is hard to create an amazing and consistent experience for your guests.  Here are 5 tips to create excellent SOP’s!

  1. Keep the Steps Short – When creating videos or written notes for your SOPs, keep the steps short and concise. Break up longer processes into multiple steps to make them easier to follow. Use diagrams and screenshots instead of long explanations to simplify the process.
  2. Use Video – Record videos where you explain how to use software systems or perform certain tasks. Videos can be used for your SOPs and training materials, or transcribed into written notes.
  3. Keep the Technology Simple – Use Google Drive to organize your SOPs in a single shared document. Name each task with a headline and use outline view to quickly navigate to the task you need. Google Drive is easy to share, access, and set individual document permissions.
  4. Have Employees Create Them – Delegate the task of creating SOPs to your virtual assistant (VA) and record a zoom call while you give instructions. Your VA can document the instructions in your SOP document, and you both can verify that she understands what to do.
  5. Start Small and Build Over Time – Don’t try to document everything at once. Start with a system that will make the biggest difference, such as something you find yourself explaining over and over again or a process that is frequently done wrong. Alternatively, start with the next task you need to train someone to do and build from there.

By implementing SOP’s, you can scale your business, ensure consistency, and optimize your workflows. Don’t let the fear of creating SOPs hold you back. Start small and build over time. The investment in developing SOPs will pay dividends in the long run. If you want further support with what and how to create excellent procedures, manuals and routines – Schedule a free consultation with Vancouver’s best Hospitality Consultants at Pinnacle Consulting!

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