Seven Amazing Tips To Get the Most out of Working From Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For many hospitality and retail workers they do not have the choice to work from home.  During these tough times, some of us however do.  Make the most of your time working from home with these following tips.

Create your ideal work space– Mark your territory!

Create a great work place the best you can that you call yours!  Try to match your home office as close to your real office so you are comfortable and able to transport yourself into work mode.  Think about the chair, monitors, keyboard, etc… getting what you need now will prepare you for a great working experience, however long this quarantine will take!  Many companies are offering re-imbursement for some or all working from home expenses, so check with your HR department.


Be prepared

Now is the time to plan and prepare for the worst.  Schedule your meetings when you are at your best, and you know you will not get distracted by others.  Ensure you have enough and consistent, reliable internet and connection.  You may want to get an unlimited bundle (and again ask your company what expenses they will support!) Also, ensure you have all the right communication apps downloaded and installed.


Use technology to your advantage

Working on your small laptop all day in your home office may not be ideal.  Most work offices have larger or more than one screen, so ensure you have all you need to be set up for success.  You can easily (and for not much) add a second monitor or third screen even.  It makes it easier to multi-task and allows you to be organized and more focused.


Build a Strong Morning Routine


Routine is key.  Very quickly without a solid routine you can be bogged down by chores and things to do around the house, decreasing efficiency.  Mimic your usual routine, but do it from home!  If you do not already have one, now is the time to create one!  Enjoy working out in the morning?  Set you alarm and up and at em!  This will help with productivity but also with setting boundaries for you, family and work.

Set Boundaries

Create a schedule that works best for you within your working hours and stick to it.  Setting boundaries with your team can help create work and life balance and role-model this as their leader.  Be clear when your working hours are and when it is only acceptable to call/email if there is an emergency.  Have your team members and peers do the same!  This also includes setting clear times for family, exercise, self-care, and everything you are passionate about.  Doing this can avoid burnout and extra stress, and make you more efficient.

Time Management

Having more flexibility to work from home is great, but now y0u are in charge of your schedule and what you do with your time.  Schedule and plan your day according to you and your team’s work style and stick to the plan.  Be consistent.  There are many apps that can help with time management and team accountability, engaging with these will ensure a fair amount of work is being completed by all.  Also manage your energy well and ensure you take breaks, and get up and stretch, walk around – sitting all day can be hard on your body and mind.

Take Breaks & Stay Active

Breaks are very important.  Taking breaks often will enhance your momentum and will improve efficiency.  It is recommended to take 5-10 minute breaks often and before you need them.  Schedule your lunch break and plan a consistent time that breaks up your day.

When you have a break, even just for 5 minutes, get up and walk around.  This can help clear your head and if possible, get some fresh air.  Go for a walk outside at least once per day.  Everyone is different but taking these regular mental breaks will help you stay active and focused during working hours.

Dress for comfort            

One of the best parts about working from home is wearing (if possible) more comfortable clothes.  If you are on conference calls it may not be possible, however think about comfort to be more productive and relaxed during your work from home routine.


Sticking to and building a morning routine and consistent schedule throughout the day that involves regular breaks as well as these other tasks will help you be as efficient as possible working from home.  Test out what works best for you and journal what worked, and what did not to check and adjust your routine to make it work for you!

Get up as usual, be consistent.  Have your morning coffee, yoga session, in-home workout – whatever works best for you then slide into an efficient day.  Whatever you enjoy, ground yourself in this new normal and it will create a happier work day and overall, more bearable isolation journey.

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