Four Tips on How to Motivate and Inspire Your Team today!

Four Tips on How to Motivate and Inspire Your Team

Whether you own a brewery, restaurant, café or retail store, knowing exactly how to motivate your team is a very important skill.  Especially during this pandemic, emotions are running high.  Effectively motivating your team members is a proven way to produce results and achieve all of your key performance indicators. This is not an easy task for you or for your managers, while facing challenges of staffing and sick calls!  We are here to help!

In this article, I share a variety of easy techniques to drive your teams engagement and inspire them to achieve success.  However, nothing can be more powerful, inspiring or motivating than Being an AMAZING Leader! 

While I have listed many great ways to enhance your team through motivating and inspiring them to achieve more, the best way is to be the best leader for them everyday. Show up. Be present.  Treat them with respect.  Trust them and assume positive intent.

Alongside leading them well, you must provide them with great people to work with.

As far as motivation is concerned, working under a passionate, confident leader is inherently motivating.  A servant leader can drive results within a team without even trying.  Adopt these techniques below to make your team member experience an amazing one and to motivate and inspire high performance and retention.

  1. Hire Amazing Team Members

It sounds obvious but hiring amazing team members that will integrate well into your team and value to them and your customers is the best way to motivate your staff. Making the right hiring decision can be powerful. It fosters a cohesive team and drives team engagement and interaction. High-performing teams bond like family and care for one another. This can also lead to decreased turnover and increased job satisfaction and retention. If your employees enjoy who they work with, they will not want to leave (in turn saving you costly re-training dollars down the road.)

  1. Celebrate Successes

One of the most forgotten about, and simplest ways to have your employees feel inspired is to recognize them. If you do not have a formal celebration and recognition program in place, you must start one today. Appreciating your teams hard work re-enforces great behavior and achievements. It could be as simple as saying thank you or possibly setting up a team member of the week program and have other employees vote. Regular, consistent celebration helps make the workplace fun and positive, motivating employees to achieve even more

3. Foster Healthy Competition

Putting together a small competition for team members can really help motivate them to achieve more and to be successful. Either individually or in a group they work hard to ‘win’ and earn a special recognition or prize. This doesn’t cost much but can have a great impact on morale and on motivating staff. If done the right way can also build relationships between your employees and build groups and connections. This will not only foster healthy competition but could increase sales.

4. Recognize Outstanding Performance with Differentiated Rewards

Paying out team members with a bonus can be the key to really motivating and inspiring your team to go big and achieve outstanding results. Exceptional performance must be recognized in a different unique way or else you run the risk of never seeing these results achieved again.

Set high goals for your team and recognize them accordingly. Make sure your bonuses are achievable and drive team engagement.

For a small business owner, this could get expensive quickly, so you will need to create a contest that drives sales and profits to pay for any rewards that potentially could be earned. Remember to create smart goals for your team that are time-bound and realistic, recognizing individual performance regularly.



Overall these are only some of the strategies that we help teams implement in their business to create a connected and engaged team.  Email us today for a free quote on how we can partner with you and your team as a fresh set of eyes to help elevate your team.  With over 27 years in the industry our experienced consultants can help your business move to the next level!


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