5 Business-Boosting Strategies To Adapt During The COVID-19/CoronaVirus Pandemic

5 Business-Boosting Strategies To Adapt During The COVID-19/CoronaVirus Pandemic

Things are changing daily as the COVID-19/Coronavirus impacts the world.  Now more than ever, communities need to stay connected.  Every business, especially hospitality and food service has been challenged.  You must be nimble during these uncertain times and stay connected to local laws to ensure you can meet your customers and community where they are at, while following health and safety guidelines.  You must also get resourceful. 

For those businesses that can adjust quickly and seize the opportunity, there is a path to success for them.  Despite the challenges we’re all experiencing right now, there are many ways to stay connected and stay prosperous. 

Stay Engaged with Your Customer

Most workers are now home for a large portion of the day.  If you have not been regularly communicating with your customers, you are already behind.  There is no better time to start than now, as everyone is engaged through social media more than ever.  Let your customers know you miss them, and send important updates about your business to them as often as needed or when changes are made.  New hours – ensure they know.  New or limited products, send an update.  New sanitation or sanitizing getting done, update them to ensure safety.  Telling them how you are adapting to serve them better can make them feel at ease during these uncertain times.

Also, use your email list, and social media to provide helpful tips, strategies and things they can use right now to stay positive, work better from home and stay connected.  Sending positive, caring quotes also helps with good vibes in your community and can uplift spirits during a dire time.   Many families are now stuck indoors, so think about sending them creative things to keep their children engaged.

Adding value to your customers’ daily lives now while they are thirsty for knowledge, entertainment and inspiration will create loyal customers that want to stay connected with your business. Top of FormBottom of Form


Communicate in Real Time 

Instantaneous, clear and regular communication is paramount as breaking news causes rapid shifts. Be on the lookout for updates that directly affect your business and your consumers’s access to it. Share communication that you think is relevant and trustworthy.  Communication with your customers should be near-instantaneous if certain news interrupts your ability to conduct business.  Be proactive rather than reactive.

Stay Focused on Positive Solutions

Shift focus from what you can’t do to what you can do. Instill a healthy mental practice of training your brain to immediately think of the possibilities as opposed to worst-case scenarios. Panicked thoughts like, “I don’t know how we’re going to be able to stay in business” won’t create the type of strategic and creative thinking that is needed right now.

Start by listing all the ways you can give value or be of assistance given your current capabilities and expertise. Are there additional services or solutions you could offer? Look for strategic or affiliate relationships that allow you to white-label or resell complementary products or services. By going through this exercise, it not only helps you identify additional revenue opportunities, but also helps you keep your energy focused on positive, forward-thinking solutions when times get tough.

Check and Adjust Daily

You must be nimble during these uncertain times and stay flexible for your customer.  Just because something has never been done before, does not mean it cannot or should not be done.  Be there for your customers and stay true to your brand. You must adjust. In a time where General Motors is producing ventilators instead of cars, you too must adapt and do so quickly.  Those businesses that can adjust and meet their customers where they are at, will be the ones that survive longterm.

Sell Alcohol & Groceries online (if possible)

Drastic times call for drastic measures.  Depending on your business model and license this may be easier for some than others.  If you are able to (check local guidelines) you must adapt and think strategically on what you can sell.  Stop focusing on what is going wrong and what you cannot do and find different ways to do business now!  Many restaurants have started selling meal packs, but only a few have started offering groceries.

Sell the ingredients your customers need to produce dishes, and provide them with a great at-home recipe.  Ask your customers what they need.  Many restaurants and cafes have direct lines to suppliers that can provide them and their customers with what they need to be at home making more meals for their families than ever.  Provide them with these items at fair prices.  Ask them for what they need and help source it for them.  Some restaurants are (don’t laugh) also offering toilet paper to go! LOL

Also, alcohol is a hot commodity right now, with many empty shelves at liquor stores, as well as some cold, beer and wine stores closing indefinitely.  If you have the ability to, flex and start selling great pairings of wine and food, or baileys lattes anyone?  Again, offering these hard to find products for your guests will keep them happy and ordering all spring and summer from you!



The most successful companies in history have emerged during times of change.  Adapt and prosper using this period as a chance to start something new for your business.

So many businesses are being hit hard as the nation attempts to battle against COVID-19.  Revenue has halted for non-essential businesses that have done the right thing and closed their doors.  Everyone’s emotions are running high, and there’s naturally going to be a lot of uncertainty that is hard for you as a small business owner, and for your customers to deal with.  Take care of yourself and be nimble.

Consider these best practices for your brand during this difficult time, and they will help you stay afloat and connected.  Call and expert today to partner with you and help your business thrive.  We are currently offering competitive rates to meet any budget and support small businesses across Canada and the US with online zoom consulting packages.  No problem is too big or small for us to support with.  Leverage our expertise and experience to bring your vision to life and live your dream!  *For the month of July we are offering 2 free 30 minute online consulting sessions*  ‘Partner with Pinnacle!’

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