Why Your Servers Must be Order-Makers, NOT Order-Takers in Your Restaurant BusinessHiring Consultant can Maximize Profits

As the restaurant industry in Vancouver continues to grow, so does the competition among restaurants to provide an excellent dining experience to their guests. One of the key elements of a successful restaurant is having servers who can effectively upsell and recommend menu items, and not just take orders. In this blog post, we will discuss how to train your servers to be order-makers instead of order-takers, and how Pinnacle Hospitality Consultants can help.

  1. Provide Product Knowledge Training One of the most important steps in training servers to be order-makers is to ensure they have extensive knowledge of the menu items. This includes not only the ingredients, but also the taste, presentation, and pairing suggestions. This knowledge will allow servers to make informed recommendations to guests, based on their preferences and tastes. At HospitalityConsulting.co, we can provide product knowledge training to your servers, ensuring that they are able to confidently describe and recommend your menu items.
  2. Encourage Upselling Upselling is a great way to increase revenue for your restaurant, while also providing guests with an enhanced dining experience. Encourage your servers to suggest additional menu items, such as appetizers or desserts, and to recommend drink pairings. This not only helps to increase revenue, but also helps to provide guests with a more memorable dining experience. At HospitalityConsulting.co, we can provide training on effective upselling techniques to help your servers become expert order-makers.
  3. Teach Active Listening Skills Active listening is a critical skill for servers to possess. It allows them to understand the needs and preferences of each guest and make recommendations accordingly. Active listening also helps to create a positive rapport with guests, which can lead to increased tips and repeat business. At HospitalityConsulting.co, we can provide training on active listening skills to help your servers become better communicators and order-makers.
  4. Empower Servers to Make Decisions Empowering servers to make decisions can help to increase their confidence and ability to make informed recommendations. This can include allowing them to suggest menu items, make substitutions, or provide complimentary items to guests. At HospitalityConsulting.co, we can provide training on how to effectively empower your servers to make decisions that enhance the guest experience.
  5. Provide Ongoing Training and Feedback Ongoing training and feedback are critical to the success of any server training program. This allows servers to continually improve their skills and provide an exceptional guest experience. At HospitalityConsulting.co, we can provide ongoing training and feedback to ensure that your servers are always at the top of their game.
  6. Conclusion In conclusion, training your servers to be order-makers instead of order-takers can greatly enhance the dining experience for your guests, leading to increased revenue and repeat business. At Pinnacle, we specialize in providing expert training to help your servers become the best order-makers they can be. If you want to up-level your servers in your business, email us today for a free consultation at Morgan@hospitalityconsulting.co. Let us help you take your restaurant to the next level!

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