How to Get More Customers for Your Restaurant in 2022!

How to Get More Customers for Your Restaurant in 2022


The new year is almost here, and it is time to begin putting a plan in place for optimal growth for your restaurant.  Despite the pandemic not yet being over, eased restrictions and increased capacities allow for a more normal return to everyday life, including the restaurant experience that was enjoyed before the pandemic.


There are many changes that can be made to current practices that would benefit restaurant operations.  These changes are suggestions that present an opportunity for growth in 2022.  To be in a position for optimal success, operating differently will be what brings a competitive edge to your restaurant.


To get more customers in the new year, the following ideas are recommended to set you apart:

  • Change prices.
    • If you have not changed the prices on your menu within the past six months, it might be time to do so. It is important to change the prices of menu items to coincide with the demand and popularity of the item.
  • Change menu.
    • Following pandemic lockdown and restrictions, many people have become aware of their eating habits. Healthy eating is becoming less of a trend and more of a lifestyle as people begin to opt for healthier choices more frequently. It is essential for restaurants and cafes to alter their menu offerings as the preferences of customers change, and so do trends.  Offering diet-specific food choices could become the selling point of a restaurant.
  • Use delivery services.
    • Delivery services offer increased availability and convenience for customers. Offering delivery services can increase business as customers will be able to order what they want, whenever they want, not having to worry about going anywhere.  Delivery services can also help to bring new customers.
  • Live music nights.
    • Pre-pandemic life is slowly making a return, with people starting to go out again like they used to. Not only are people wanting to go out to experience the little things again, but also wanting to experience a lively environment as the pandemic kept everyone indoors.  Live music is a great way to bring people together and is a part of a social scene that everyone misses.
  • Gift cards for January/February.
    • Offering gift cards for January/February only could be beneficial in bringing in extra business during those months. Placing an expiry on the card will encourage customers to dine in, starting the new year on the right track.



  • Add brunch.
    • Brunch is a meal that everyone loves. It can be sweet or savoury and can also promote a social environment.  Adding brunch to the menu is guaranteed to increase customers which in turn increases profits.
  • Three-course special dinners.
    • Three course special dinners can be a very beneficial way to increase customers. The convenience of offering a three-course dinner as a package will attract customers to take advantage of this deal, increasing restaurant business.
  • New winter features.
    • Offering winter features specific to the holiday season could be beneficial for restaurants by making them distinct from their competition, and subsequently bring in new customers.


Utilizing the services of a hospitality consultant and incorporating different strategies to gain a competitive advantage can bring your business huge success in the new year.   Whether it be something as simple as the idea of adding brunch to the menu, or adding innovative winter features – a hospitality consultant can help take your business to the next level!  For a free consultation to learn more about how our services can help build your revenue and business – email us at!

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