4 Ways to help Cafés and Restaurants Recover Faster in Vancouver

4 Ways to help Cafes and Restaurants Recover Faster in Vancouver

 1) Eat out more often

It may sound simple, but buying more often from the restaurants will of course increase sales and have them back on track after Covid.  Support the local small bakeries, cafes and restaurants – choose these over the chain restaurants.  These support families and the community more directly and keep the money in the local area!

2) Buy more drinks (or take them to go!)

It may sound simple, but drink sales are vital to restaurants, helping cover costs like wages, rent and utilities. Grabbing a soda or juice to go with your meal, or another glass of wine will help out a lot.  Now, in Vancouver – you are allowed to take drinks to go, so enjoy yourself and splurge!

3) Eat during shoulder periods

One of the biggest problems the hospitality sector is facing is staff shortages across the country. Dining during quieter times helps prolong the busy times and take some stress off of staff during periods of high volume – have a late lunch, go for happy hour.  Have some fun and it will help your local business!

4) Fill out a review – good, bad or ugly

If you’ve had a great dining experience at a restaurant, make a point of sharing the story with friends and family – and with Google and Yelp!  Word of mouth can make or break a restaurant, so don’t underestimate the power of a simple recommendation – your word counts! Review them fairly and honestly and in detail – helps other diners make an informed decision.

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