How to Increase Profits in Your Restaurant or Café during the Slower Months

How to Increase Profits in Your Restaurant or Café during the Slower Months

Cross-train your Staff 

As the winter months quickly approach, now in the Fall is the time to cross-train your staff in multiple roles.  This will allow your labor expenses to be better controlled, with your team taking on more and different responsibilities.  Ie. Train your hostesses to buss and clear tables.  Or, train your servers to make their own drinks and reduce labor without a bartender.  In a café, teach your baristas how to bake and prep sandwiches.

Improve your Service

In the hospitality business, you can never be polite enough. And, that’s what your team needs to learn.  Make sure your staff, right from the hostess or greeter to the servers and managers are the most polite and courteous.  Schedule weekly meetings with your team to reiterate your expectations and provide opportunities to improve.  Your team must go above on beyond!  This will not only create a memorable experience, but have guests returning often.  Product knowledge of the menu is critical to success and for your employees to build confidence and a trusting relationship with your valued customers.  Allow them to sample and see your features and specials so that they can answer all questions pertaining to the menu.  Your guests should get the best treatment and be made to feel welcome, special and important, and only your staff can ensure that happens.  Take care of your employees well and in turn they will take care of your customers. 

Make Use of Technology

Today, technology has become an integral part of a person’s life and can prove to be an essential arsenal in the business tool kit.

People like to be connected to the Internet or social media 24/7; so make sure your restaurant provides free wi-fi to your guests.  Build a mobile-friendly website, as customers like to search for restaurants on the go.  Utilizing google my business and posting 3 times per week (minimum) will keep the content fresh and help your customers find you easier!  

Advertise and Market Constantly

Stay connected with and to your customers.  Make use of the right marketing channels to reach your guests.  Whether through email or SMS marketing or via cost-efficient social media platforms, stay in touch with your customers by regularly updating them with vital information or any other content you feel will be useful to them.  Your informative and friendly messages will help you stay on the top of their minds, and they will repay you by visiting you more often.

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