Are you a LEADER or just a FRIEND to the people on your team?
If you are struggling to grow your team and creating other leaders, here’s the truth…
You’re probably choosing your relationships over leadership.
I call it the ROADBLOCK!
The relationships you have with your team, get in the way of you actually LEADING them.
Be honest with yourself for a second… How often do you do these things?
Confrontation, holding people accountable, setting boundaries, and telling people ‘sorry, no’.
These are things you know you SHOULD be doing…
But they’re really scary, feel very uncomfortable, and easier for us NOT to do.
So we avoid them – and this is one of the biggest reasons why you are stuck right now in your business.
You are choosing your friendships and personal relationships over LEADERSHIP.
Until you learn how to make this shift, you’ll remain stuck…

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