9 Quick and Easy Techniques to Improve your Business’s Customer Experience

Below are some quick and easy ways to improve the customer service in your business. Whether over the phone or in person, great customer service draws clients back to your business for repeated visits, and if done exceptionally well, can have your customers even advertising for you! Those retailers that are customer-experience focused are benefitting from increased sales, and customers.

Supporting your team in elevating customer connections to be more personal, professional and effective will increase customer satisfaction, promote a positive brand image; leading to increased revenue and profits! Top of Form

Use standard, easy to understand language

Train your team members to avoid jargon, acronyms or business-specific terms that customers may not understand. Teach them to be clear, concise and professional with every interaction and y0ur customers will leave each call or in-person interaction feeling goodBottom of Form

Actively listen and repeat back

Effective communication begins with active listening. Teach your customer service team to really listen and repeat back what they hear will show the customer your team really cares and is invested in helping them. Doing this not only helps the customer, but the employee understand the customers’ needs. Start by listening and allowing space for the customer to speak. Pairing this with asking insightful questions your team will have very satisfied and repeat customers.

Be kind

You must hire those genuinely nice and kind team members if you want exceptional customer service in your business. Naturally kind employees that have respect for you, your business and most importantly your customer is the key to providing world class customer service. It goes beyond just the smile, please and thank you, to a point of doing anything and everything they can to help the customer. So having your team be kind can create loyal relationships with your business and customer for life.

Explain everything in detail

Teaching your team to read customer cues can help with what level of explanation and detail is needed to have the customer make a purchase, but also to leave happy. Customers are often not familiar with policies or procedures. Your team must thoroughly explain to customers what they are doing and why. Painting a clear picture will decrease customer frustration and uncertainty.

Go above and beyond

Demonstrate through actions that the customer is important by giving more than the minimum effort required. By taking the initiative to provide better service or give the customer something extra, customers will feel valued and appreciated.




Highlight pros and cons

When your team is describing a product or service, have them include both its strengths and weaknesses relative to the competition. Honest and factual feedback helps the customer make an informed decision with all the correct information, while building trust with your team.


Collaborate with your Customer

A great technique to teach your customer service and front-line staff is to ask, not demand. Asking questions help make conversations more collaborative, leaving your customer happy with your service. Statements sound harsh and can seem demanding on your customers

Summarize conversations and actions

Summarize the main point of the conversation before engaging in the problem-solving process. This will demonstrate that you were listening attentively. It will also facilitate a mutual understanding between you and customers. Let them know what actions you will take to rectify the problem and communicate to the appropriate team their feedback

Escalate when necessary

Teach your team what they should be handling themselves, but also when to escalate. When the customers’ needs are beyond their expertise or experience – they should refer to the next level leader. In your training ensure you teach your team members to clearly explain why they are being transferred. Also, from there it is critical that your team pass on any and all critical information to the referred party.

Applying these customer service techniques will increase your company’s guest experience.   Transforming how employees interact with your customers is the key to increased profits and increase satisfaction. This in turn will create loyal customers that speak highly of your service and product, becoming brand ambassadors and marketing your business for free.

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