When it comes to inventory management, organizing and labeling your storage areas is a critical step.  At Pinnacle Consulting we have come up with a system we call the 4 S System of organization which helps businesses reduce wasted time, create consistency and have more organized and efficient spaces and teams.


1. Sort and Set in Order- Store only items that are currently being used in storage areas (ie. no out of date fixtures, or products/discontinued items)
– Designate Storage for current par levels and create flex space as needed for seasonal or rotating products/items
– Begin organizing on the bottom shelves to make the best use of space, ensure heavier items are on the bottom for safety and ease of receiving and using.
– The bottom shelf must be 6 inches from the ground for food safety and cleaning purposes
– Store items most frequently used on shelves closest to the front areas
– Do not block exits, handwashing sinks, alarm panels, sprinklers or cameras (if applicable)
– Use shelf dividers as needed to separate and organize spaces
– Set similar products together for team members to access quickly

2. Shine – Ensure that all shelving is free of debris, dust and regularly cleaned – daily, weekly and monthly deep cleaning.

3. Standardize • Use a standard template to document the plan and ensure product and consistent placement of products – saves time and prevents confusion!
– Label all shelving with the product name, and par level for each product

4. Sustain – Post the schematics out of customer view but in a location visible to your team. Teach and train the new standard and expectation of how things should be organized. Plan to review regularly for adjustments. (CHECK & ADJUST AS NEEDED)

Need help with your inventory management, and in reducing shrink/waste?  We can help! We have over 25 years experience in proper inventory management and can audit your business and come up with a plan to improve your business and results!

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