How Adding Healthy Beverages To Your Menu Can Increase Your 2023 Revenue

Do you have your features planned for 2023 yet?
January can be a slower month for many cafes and restaurants.  Planning to add some healthy drinks to your menu and feature pages will help bring in new customers and those that are looking for healthier options to meet their New Year’s Resolutions and Goals.  We have curated a list of  trending healthy drinks we recommend you adding for 2023!
Provide your Café and Restaurant customers with these amazing healthy and delicious drinks and see your revenue grow.  We have curated a list of the top trending, healthy drinks for 2023 that you MUST have on your menu.
1. Golden Lattes – also known as Turmeric Lattes – Turmeric is healthy, delicious and full of anti-oxidants!
2. Matcha Green Tea lattes – put a twist on this traditional beverage by adding honey or vanilla!
3. Beetroot Lattes – delicious and instagrammable!
4. Tea Lattes – Think London Fog and Cardamom Chai!
5. Vanilla Cinnamon Steamers – steamed milk with real vanilla and cinnamon
6. Honey Ginger Lemon Teas – delicious, and warming!
7. Skinny Hot Chocolates – cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa powder, salt and almond milk! YUM!
8. Cranberry Healthy Apple Ciders – Lightly sweetened and a bit tart – delicious!

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