I have grown up in the hospitality industry and love it!  I have been serving guests for over 26 years, and have always loved to cook!  From the early age of 8, I was eager to learn everything I could about food and restaurants.  I am no stranger to hard work, starting as a dishwasher at the young age of 14, and balancing school and work.  Throughout the years, I fell in love with customer service-based businesses.  Starting at The Keg Steakhouse & Bar in 1994, I worked hard and was promoted to management at the young age of 20, and have not stopped developing, learning and growing as a leader since!

I am an outgoing, passionate and driven leader that aspires to help small businesses take their operations to the next level!  I am an excellent coach that will support your leaders and team to drive excellent customer service and operational excellence.  I specialize in coaching, hiring, training and developing great team members and leaders at all levels.  I have a proven track record of achieving growth and driving profitability by putting the customer first and the team member a very close second.

Having worked at Starbucks for over 10 years, the largest coffee chain in the world, I have learned and mastered how to create high-performance teams to elevate your business.  I will leverage my extensive network to build your team and help you create a solid foundation for long-term growth.  We bring our years of designing, implementing, and improving programs to drive customer engagement and operational excellence to transform your business.  I take a very hands-on approach and build the capacity and capability of your team for long-term success and profitability.  I also LOVE coffee and tea!


Hospitality Industries we specialize in

Cafés & Bakeries

Working in coffee leadership for more than 10 years, I will bring my extensive coffee master background to elevate your cafe and/or bakery.  Having proven success leading a portfolio of locations within the world’s largest and most successful café chain, I will build and help execute plans that will optimize your business for efficiency, driving world-class customer connections and operational excellence!

Other - Mystery Shopper programs, Supplier Negotiations, Change Management, Customer Service Audits and support
Grocery Stores

Bringing years of customer service, retail, supplier negotiations and merchandising strategies to your grocery store or retail location to maximize profits and drive sales and revenue.

Retail Stores

Bringing years of retail, merchandising, selling and customer service training and leadership development to your team to drive sales, customer engagement, and profits while improving the customer experience, and driving down costs across your entire product assortment.


With over 16 years in the restaurant industry, having worked in EVERY position in the front and back of house I will bring my expertise and knowledge to support your team and maximize profits and efficiencies in every area.

Breweries, Pubs and Taphouses

Do you have your costs in line and understand your cost of doing business?  Have you completed a market analysis of pricing in your category and area?  Let us help!  We have over 20 years working in Food and Beverage and are masters at costing and setting up pricing strategies to help your business be as profitable as possible, while providing value to your guests.  We help build your teams selling skills to drive average customer spend and create training programs to drive even more revenue and consistency!  Ask us how we saved a local brewery over $10,000 in theft, waste and shrink!

My mission

I LOVE WHAT I DO.   I also believe that great customer service in 2020 is very hard to find.  Working with people is my passion and developing talent and helping businesses be successful is why I get up in the morning. I have a relentless passion and respect for small business owners, and local neighborhood cafes, restaurants and grocery stores.   I am so excited to now share my expertise, knowledge and years of experience with businesses looking to maximize profits, drive revenue and improve the customer experience.  I believe that restaurants, cafes and grocery stores should be able to operate with a healthy profit, while being environmentally responsible and connecting with the community.  Now with my support we can make all of this happen!  I am a hands-on leadership coach that will work with your leaders and team shoulder to shoulder to drive results and implement and support execution of plans in a sustainable and replicable way. ­

I am a people and operations expert, extremely passionate about all aspects of the hospitality industry—from initial concept, day-to-day operations, all the way to the financials that show how it all comes together.  I will work with your team to achieve goals and create a sustainable and profitable business, developing your leaders to inspire and motivate their teams everyday.  Whether looking to expand and grow or move your business from good to great, I can help make your dreams come true!  Let’s prepare your business for growth; maximizing revenues, increasing profits and value of your brand.

  • Work fewer hours & increase efficiency
  • Build stronger connections with your customers, and community
  • Minimize waste and increase profits
  • Increase employee engagement, decrease turnover
  • Increase retention and improve your culture
  • Build stronger leaders and more efficient Teams
  • Drive employee efficiency and engagement
  • Standardize systems and operations for consistency
  • Create sustainable and replicable tools and routines for efficiency
  • BUILD A WORLD-CLASS TEAM, that EXCEEDS customer expectations every time!

My experience

Cafe, Bakery and Coffee Business 10Years
Restaurant 16Years
Leadership, development, Coaching Experience 20Years
Customer Service Experience 26Years

Our team


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