Things to Do to Prepare to Re-Open Your Café or Restaurant, after closing for Covid-19 (Part #1)

Things to Do While Closed for the Coronavirus Pandemic (Part #1)

  • Deep Clean entire Restaurant/Café
  • Re-train team members
  • Stay Connected to Top Customers
  • Use Social Media to Keep your Customers and Team Engaged
  • Offer a Special on Gift Certificates
  • Create a budget
  • Donate food/drinks expired or expiring
  • Set up delivery and online options if possible
  • Re-write training, policy manuals, update standard
  • Stay connected to suppliers

Deep Clean entire Restaurant/Café

Now is the time to clean and organize y0ur café.  Re-evaluate cleaning procedures, and standardize where everything goes and what each items correct par level is.  Organizing your storage and receiving areas will be a great way to open with excellence when the coronavirus is gone.  This will help your team order the right products, store them safely and in an organized way, and keep things clean and easily accessible.

Re-train team members

Now is your time to ensure all training is completed and that all of your team members are fully trained and ready to serve your customers with amazing customer service. Do you need to enhance your teams’ selling skills?  This is such a great opportunity to provide online training and ensure everyone is ready and has the knowledge to be a great team member for your customers.  Plan out your hiring and training strategy for the next 3 months to be prepared, keep your team engaged.  You may not be able to  provide the hands-on training in person, but utilizing skype or online chat channels.  Role play scenarios with your team and ensure they are ready to serve your guests!  This may be a great time to cross-train some of your team members as well to ensure you have the right number of positions covered once ready to open.

Stay Connected to Top Customers

Create a list of your top customers, and if you have their email or phone list – reach out and check in with them, ensuring they are safe and healthy!  If you do not have their contact, it’s time to update your website and engage with them there.  An updated website draws in new customers as well.  If you Update website – find a deal

Use Social Media to Keep your Customers and Team Engaged

Post on social media platforms daily. Your customers are bored at home and looking for fun and interesting ways to stay connected to their favorite people and busineses.  Engage with them with products and fun memes, quotes to keep them positive and content that supports your brand and image.  This is a great way to check in with your customers and keep them thinking about (and craving) your offerings. Most businesses use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote their products and interact with customers.  Normally they’re a luxury or even a distraction, but with more and more people working or isolating from home, these platforms can be a lifeline that offer a vital connection to the outside world.  Do not stop posting!  Use your profiles to show solidarity and keep in touch with your customers instead, and you’ll have an even stronger relationship with them when things are back to normal.


Offer a Special on Gift Certificates

During this tough time, the last thing most business owners want to do is offer something free.    This, however, is the best time to do so! Offering a gift certificate special will draw people to your website and engage with your business.  Online gift certificates are easy and will allow you to receive some revenue and support from the local community.  Advertise your special on facebook, Instagram and twitter!


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