Vendor Management and Supplier Negotiations

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As expert consultants, we have a network of trusted vendors and suppliers that will help your business find the best products, at the best prices.  We will work with your suppliers to ensure you maximize your supply chain, relationships and pricing.  We will support your business to ensure you have the right products, in the right place, at the right time and at the right pricing for your industry.  Our industry connections will help ensure you have the right long-term partnerships for continued business success.  We will create a strategic year-long action plan to build relationships with your vendors to maximize orders, supplies and equipment costs as needed.  This helps save money, reduce costs and increase profitability – creating consistency for your team and customers!

Vendor and Supplier Management

  • Support with vendor meetings and auditing invoices
  • Create a cadence of meetings to measure the success of each vendor relationship and agreement
  • Ordering and receiving programs created including ordering and par sheets custom to your order cycle and inventory management life cycle
  • Prep and par lists created for preparing recipes and beverage components
  • Supplier pricing negotiations and support
  • Establishing store organization systems using pars, schematics, rotation and cleaning schedules
  • Ensures inventory availability and delivery readiness for receiving orders, order verification and validation procedures established
  • Waste tracking systems created, taught and implemented in a replicable and sustainable way
  • Merchandising standards created with schematics and pictures
  • Product sourcing to reduce labor costs and create strategies in this new hospitality staffing landscape

Pricing, Costing, Menu development & Optimization

  • Recipe adherence and auditing
  • Costing for all menu items and pricing recommendations
  • Competitor analysis and audits
  • Food and Beverage quality checks and full assessment of food safety procedures and knowledge
  • Supplier negotiations and relationship building to align with your brand standards and profitability
  • Menu and recipe development for all beverages and food

Looking to audit your vendors for better pricing, consistency and quality? Let our industry experts help!