Recruiting & Sourcing Top Talent – Hiring support

Hiring in the current landscape could not be more challenging, especially since the pandemic and the exit of many entry-level workers from the hospitality workforce.

We, at Pinnacle Consulting believe that placing the right candidate in the right role is all about relationships. We have connections and long term relationships built in the industry across BC & Alberta for over 20 years.

While many recruiting companies rely on very transactional recruitment, we have set a higher standard for our relationships with clients.  We thrive to cultivate relationships that last, and place top talent in the perfect position for them.  We seek out deeper connections with clients and candidates, providing the service we expect of our businesses, up-leveling the support and vetting of candidates to find perfect matches in any industry.

We are reinventing recruitment for bakeries, restaurants, cafes and retail stores in Canada.

When you partner with our team, you will truly have a PARTNER.  We will seek to become part of the company and understand your culture and work ethics.

We are building a company that supports local businesses while raising the standards of recruitment in the hospitality industry at affordable rates!


Morgan Ayres is our top consultant and has been supporting small businesses in BC and Alberta for over 4 years with Pinnacle Consulting – having supported over 24 companies with building hiring systems and teams.  Focused on management leadership recruiting, training and development we have seen success with our innovative strategies that find top talent, and create high performance teams.