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Creating a High-Performance Team and Reducing Turnover

Pinnacle Hospitality Consulting will partner with you and your leadership team to ensure they have the right team members, connected to your business and brand.  We will work shoulder to shoulder with your managers to support change and growth.  We specialize in building world-class cultures, excellent customer service training and coaching development to maximize all of your team members capability.

We help with all phases of your businesses life cycle including; pre-opening and startups, re-branding, as well as growth phase to expand and open more locations.  We can provide full-on support through every step, or build a strategic plan for your leaders to execute.  Implementation is key!  Below you will find ways in which we can help build your business, profits and brand!

We will work with your leaders to build their coaching capability to develop and grow a high-perfomance team.  We will create sustainable and replicable resources and tools for your business to standardize operations and set clear expectations. From establishing training programs, to creating standard operating procedures – we support it all!

Building your team

  • Sourcing and Recruiting top talent
  • Developing leaders through shoulder-to-shoulder work and role-playing scenarios
  • Training and developing leadership capability and urgency to coach, celebrate team members
  • Coaching for performance, development, standard gaps and conflict management
  • Hiring and interviewing – creating interview deck and phone screen packages unique for your business and industry
  • Building effective and consistent schedules
  • Forecasting hiring needs for development, turnover and new store openings
  • Custom orientation and employee handbooks aligned with your mission and values
  • Hiring standards and expectations created for diversity, inclusion, experience and for service

Teaching, Training and Developmment

  • Standard operating procedures and routines created unique for your business
  • Develop training for customer service, food safety, selling and much more
  • Opening, midday, closing routines created for consistency
  • Standardize training and expectations of each role including leadership
  • Custom product knowledge tests created for each role and responsibility
  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Coaching for performance conversations and accountability training
  • Build strategies for retention of high-performing team members to reduce turnover

Our detailed and hands-on approach meets your team where they are at and helps provide support in the best way possible to meet your unique business’ needs.  We ensure the whole team is included in the process and that no one is left behind as we move your business forward.

We will build a detailed plan to grow your company culture and develop sustainable initiatives that help your mission and values live throughout your entire organization.  Through developing your and your leaders coaching and communication skills we will help you elevate your team while building their connections with team members.

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