Feasibility Studies, Business Plans & Location Analysis

Our comprehensive feasibility studies are integral to the development of robust business plans. Collaborate with our team to craft a strategic plan and rigorously assess your venture’s viability against competitors. The prevalence of initial failures among new dining establishments underscores the importance of thorough feasibility studies, also known as market studies, as a foundational tool to gauge market potential.

Our Advantages:

  1. Strategic Feasibility Analysis: Utilize our invaluable feasibility study to meticulously gauge success probabilities and risks inherent in your restaurant, café, or new business endeavor.
  2. Precise Target Audience Profiling: Identify and assess the primary trade area’s target guest profile, demographic depth, and clientele size.
  3. Comprehensive Competitive Analysis: Evaluate market competition, pricing strategies, and market share distribution.
  4. Market Gap Identification: Pinpoint under-served and over-served market segments, highlighting gaps and opportunities.
  5. Thorough Concept Evaluation: Analyze prevalent and missing concepts using SWOT analysis, drawing comparisons to popular market trends.
  6. Performance Benchmarking: Compare local business sales performance to national chain averages, providing valuable insights.
  7. Location and Traffic Assessment: Scrutinize potential location barriers and site traffic to optimize business positioning.
  8. Sales Projections: Based on our findings, we present estimated annualized sales projections for your new restaurant concept.

Our team of food industry experts will evaluate your business location, aligning your unique concept with site attributes, and deliver a comprehensive financial forecast. The site assessment encompasses nuances of the local community, competitive landscape, and location intricacies. By analyzing demographic and lifestyle clusters in your proposed area, we determine your target audience and market potential.