Is your team equipped with the right tools to handle difficult customers? It comes down to training!

What is your customer recovery policy?
Do you train your team to handle difficult situations, returns and complaints?  If not you may be missing out on a key customer service detail that could cripple your business, brand and reputation!
Let our experts help you with creating ALL of the right policies and procedures, implementing the right training and helping your team deliver on a world class customer service experience that creates raving fans of your brand and business!
Here are some quick tips to ensure is part of your training programs.
1) Have a clear, communicated policy about returns and exchanges
2) Role play with each team member as part of the training program
3) Ensure they have the right recovery options always available (gift card, phone numbers, escalation procedures, etc.)
4) Empower your team to make the moment right, then follow up!  If they handled it well, reward and recognize them.  If they did not, coach them one on one on how to improve.