5-Point Checklist to Prepare for St. Patrick’s Day

5-Point Checklist to Prepare for St. Patrick’s Day


There are several times during the year that your restaurant or café becomes overwhelmingly busy, and these times are usually during the holidays.  Perhaps one of the busiest times of the year for restaurant and cafes would be St. Patrick’s Day.


St. Patrick’s Day is an occasion that people always go out for; part of the reason that customers make plans to go out is because of the experience that they are hoping your establishment will offers them!  Customers want to see themed décor, food, and drinks in your restaurant, and they want to experience a lively atmosphere.  Capitalizing on smart practices can result in St. Patrick’s Day being a very successful time for your restaurant/café.  There are many things to do to prepare your business to be ready for a busy occasion, including:


  • Provide Live Performances
    • Many people go out for St. Patrick’s Day for the experience, and a big part of the experience is a lively atmosphere. On St. Patrick’s Day, having a live performance with music, even traditional Irish music, creates a space where people want to go and be a part of the crowd.  Marketing the live performance with your restaurant/café is an excellent way to bring attention to your business and create excitement for a profitable day on the 17
  • Patrick’s Day Menu
    • Offering a special menu in your restaurant/café is essential for St. Patrick’s Day. Customers are coming for the Guinness and the green beer, and they are coming for traditional Irish food, as well.  It is important to offer a speciality menu to keep customers engaged and also increase attention to your business.
  • Plan the Entire Event
    • Prior to one of the busiest days of the year for your restaurant/café, it is important to do extra planning to ensure that it is a successful time for your business. Extra planning likely means something different to everyone, but there are certain tasks upon which you should focus to prepare for a busy time.  This includes retraining staff and ensuring inventory is stocked.  Retraining staff prior to a busy time for your business can help to reinforce certain operational aspects of your business.  Serving as a best-practices refresher, this can help to better prepare your employees and ensure of a smoothly run event.  It is also recommended to ensure that your top-selling menu items are available for purchase, in addition to any limited-edition St. Patrick’s Day menu items.  Neglecting to ensure that inventory is stocked will result in unhappy customers that are not happy with your service.
  • Organize a Raffle
    • Raffles are an effective way of grabbing attention and keeping customers engaged. To make for a fun experience, offer various prizes featuring items  specific to your restaurant/café or St. Patrick’s Day, with an amount of the money received being donated.  Raffles are excellent at bringing people together!
  • Hire Security/Additional Employees
    • Hiring security staff for St. Patrick’s Day festivities is often something that gets overlooked. It’s important to remember that not implementing additional staff or security during a lively occasion could result in damages to your restaurant/café should you not have the staff to alleviate the situation.  Further, a lively event always has the potential to turn chaotic, so it would be in your best interest to have staff who are able to mediate those situations.


Due to the fact that customers are wanting a true Irish experience on St. Patrick’s Day, neglecting to implement holiday-themed aspects to your restaurant/café can result in customers having a poor opinion of your business.  Customers enjoy holiday-themed occasions, especially one that carries the potential to be lively and fun.  It is important to attempt to live up to that potential in any way that you can.  Working to ensure a positive experience for customers improves the reputation of your restaurant/cafe, increasing profits and furthering the success of your business.  For assistance in management or planning for your business, utilizing consulting services can be very beneficial!  The services of a hospitality consultant can help your business to drive sales and continue to further your success.  For more information, the services of Pinnacle Hospitality Consulting can help.

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