How to Be a Better Leader in Your Hospitality Business

How to Be a Better Leader in Your Hospitality Business


Leaders at all levels help set the tone for your business.  Especially in hospitality where team members and managers are very connected, this becomes even more important.  The way you and your leaders lead has a major impact on both your employees and business performance. The best leaders take an intentional approach to their coaching, development and leadership and spend time prioritizing activities that embody the values of their organizations.  To help you refine your leadership style and get the most from your people, here are several habits shared by highly successful people leaders and tips for developing them.


  1. Understand how to respond to stress:

The hospitality industry is one of the most stressful!  How is your stress level in front of your team? 

In times of chaos, leaders must present a calm demeanor and help to get everything under control.  Whether you’re short-staffed, overbooked, or both, knowing how to handle stress (and not show it) is an essential quality of all team member, but especially the leader.  You are on stage – and your customers, clients and team are ALWAYS watching.  Next time you find yourself stressed – take a moment to check in with yourself and assess how your body language, tone, facial expressions and patience is.  The first step to handling stress is acknowledging it, then work on it.  Delegating can also play a huge part in helping your stress levels and responsibilities!


  1. Motivate your team

Inspiring and motivating your employees is a critical way to get them to stay connected to you and your business.  How do you motivate your team?  Do you reward them for hard work and going that extra mile?  Do you have a formal recognition program within your business that you stick to on a regular basis?  Recognizing individual and team accomplishments is the first step in motivating your team and reenforcing great performance (and behavior!)  What employee perks and bonuses do you offer that are better than the competition?  If you don’t know – now is the time to ask your employees!  One of the smallest and most important ways to motivate your team is to thank them for their hard work!  Show appreciation and be thankful for their hard work and improvement!


  1. Be an empathetic leader:

Showing empathy in the right situations as a leader can build confidence and connection with you, your team and your business.  Be firm, but fair.  Holding people accountable can still happen with empathy.  This does not mean letting people walk all over you or your managers.  Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s situation or shoes and understanding things from their perspective.  We are all human after all and mistakes happen.  Stay true to your expectations and standards but listen to your team and seek to understand how you can help them.  This will go along to create a bond between leadership and team members and create an environment that people want to work (and stay working) in.


  1. Have an open mind to different perspectives:

Opposing opinions do not need to be an issue and can be beneficial to a business.  Rather than being dismissive towards a different opinion, having an open mind and responding in a positive way will result in employees completing some of their best work.  In addition, employees will feel encouraged to continue to share their perspectives and thus feel respected.


  1. Provide mentorship opportunities for your team

Pairing new or developing team members in formal mentoring partnerships can elevate your teams’ performance and create long lasting connections.  In certain situations, acting as a mentor yourself will develop next level leaders and keep them inspired.  This not only benefits the team member but the business.  This can help with succession planning and helps develop skills and confidence of your team.


  1. Be open to change:

Change is inevitable.  Businesses that don’t adapt and change- get left behind.  You as the leader, teach your team how to respond to and adjust to change.  You must be a change leader in a hospitality business.  Displaying an openness to change helps changes be implemented the right way, the first time.  Also be a leader that is open to listening to and supporting change brought forward by your team.  They are smart and have great ideas! Listen and be open!



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